New York is one of the most popular tourist spot located in the United States of America.  There are lots of wonderful tourist attractions in New York and these places of interest provide a great source of amusement to the tourists and visitors.

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Besides from museums and galleries, there are the presence of lot many tourist attractions in New York City such as the famous and wonderful buildings, parks and there are endless sources of stimulation in the New York City.

Most of the best tourist attractions in New York are offered at free of cost to the visitors and the visitors are implied to bear only the boarding and lodging expenses. Visiting and surrounding the New York can be done based on the budget specifications of the individuals.

There are lots of sightseeing activities in New York and the tourist map helps the tourists in getting a clear picture of the important places of interest. Some of the major tourist attractions in New York are

• Zoos and Aquariums
• Statue of Liberty
• Empire State of Building
• Brooklyn Bridge
• Ice skating
• New York sightseeing tours
• Museums
• Boat and Bus tour
• Helicopter visit

The above attractions are only just a few, but the city of New York has lot of interesting sightseeing places to view. The emergence of the Watson Scavenger hunting adventure is one of the best fun providing and exciting way of exploring the city of New York. Tourist attractions in New York helps in offering a good overview of the city and helps the city in exploring the busy and entertaining activities of the city.

The city of New York makes the people to spend their time in an entertaining manner and helps in exploring the treasure of the city. Planning a trip to New York is really entertaining and the city is said to be one of the most important and busiest place located in the country of United States of America.

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