Mumbai is the state capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai was earlier known as Bombay. It is a city which consists of lots of beaches which had made this place the most enchanting and thrilling place for the tourists.

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This place is considered as the most thrilling and the amusing destination for all tourists who love the sand awash and the sun with the flouting water of the talkative sea. The beaches of the Mumbai are the most beautiful beaches having sparkling sand, waves and the sun. Some of the wonderful beaches in Mumbai are mentioned as below:

Marine Drive Beach: This beach is situated in the central Mumbai. This beach is known as the jewel of Mumbai. It is really a colorful beach. It was built in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

In the city Mumbai it is considered as a most popular trail where people can sit in the evening a d can have a walk. This beach is known as the most enchanting and thrilling place. This is also one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai.

• Chowpatty Beach: This is the only beach that is located in the central Mumbai. This beach in Mumbai is considered as to be the place where many Hindu spiritual ceremonies takes place as in the end of the monsoon ‘Nariel Purnima’ is celebrated, at the last day of the ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ idols of the lord Ganesha is immersed on this beach.

This beach is also famous for a huge number of stalls for selling the paans, bhelpuri and kulfi. The main attraction of this beach is the “Nana- Nani” park which is especially attached to this beach for the elderly people.

• Juhu Beach: It is one of the biggest and the famous beach in Mumbai. From the city centre it is located at a distance of 18 km. it is a popular weekend spot which also has a facility of the mule rides and horse rides. This beach is also a site to many of the film shootings.

The areas near this beach are considered as the posh locality as the bungalows of the various film personalities are situated near it. This beach also consists of many stalls selling the bhelpuri which is the popular snack of the Mumbai.

• Marve and Manori Beach: This beach is situated near about 19 miles from the city Mumbai. The Marve and the Manori beach are considered as thrilling beaches for bathing. Madh beach which is on the way of the Marve and the Manori beach is another desired picnic spot for the people.

All the beaches in the city of Mumbai are the most satisfying time outs where any person can completely chill out.

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